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Do your students fundraise throughout the year so that they can have the money to come to camp in the summer? Are you in need of a fresh new idea to raise funds, and would like to help out a ministry while you do it?

Then consider our Volunteerathon program! Your group will have the opportunity to raise money for camp registration while also raising money for LUL.

Here’s how it works. Your group reserves a weekend at LUL. Volunteers enlist people to pledge a certain amount of money for each hour work. After your group volunteers and logs their time, collect and send the pledge money to LUL. For every $500 raised, your group receives a credit for free week of camp for one camper meaning that more than half of the funds raised goes toward your group’s camp week, and the rest goes to help make LUL an even better place to learn and grow.

For more details on how the volunteer program works, or to schedule your volunteer weekend, contact us.

Items Needed

Golf Carts