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Greg Boone

Executive Director

When a young Greg Boone encountered Look Up Lodge many years ago, his life was forever changed. He was also given a God-sized dream—one day he dreamed of teaching and leading at Look Up Lodge. It took many years and some serious direction from God, but Greg Boone's God-given dream has been realized. He became the Executive Director just a few years ago, but for those of you who have been coming to Look Up Lodge since the late 1990s, you’ve seen him teaching God's Truth from the chapel stage year after year.

He and his wife Leanne are the proud parents of two children, Kendall and Caleb Boone.

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Zack Heard

Camp Director

Zack served alongside Greg and Leanne as summer staff back when you were most likely jamming to hits of the 1980s. Since that time, he has married and is the father of 6 children. He has years of experience in the mission field (New Tribes Missions) and brings his insight to Look Up Lodge. Zack's heart and humor help him bring the Look Up Lodge staff together and accomplish God-sized tasks.

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Daniel Gustafson

Director of Operations

Daniel has the gift of simply knowing how and why things work. He makes good use of this gift at Look Up Lodge by researching, compiling and archiving critical information. This info is crucial to the day-to-day operations of Look Up Lodge, as we are always maintaining and upgrading our facilities. Daniel also thrives on the research and development of new and creative ideas to be implemented at our camp.

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Abby Friend

Guest Services Director

Abby has been working in camping for the past nine years and is excited to be on the Look Up Lodge team. Her favorite thing about camp is the way God uses it to change lives. Her attention to detail and friendly demeanor will help groups plan their best possible retreat. Abby is a North Carolina native (go Wolfpack!), a lover of chai tea, and an avid traveler/adventurer. 

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Walter Howard

Staff Director

When it comes to maintaining the emotional wellness of a staff as unique and diverse as ours, we are blessed to have Walter Howard. His goal is to equip Look Up staff to do their jobs effectively and work together harmoniously. He also plays a key role in making the programs you experience at Look Up Lodge as fun and as Christ-centered as they can be this side of heaven.

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David Blackwell

Program Director

David is quite familiar with Look Up Lodge programming. He worked for three years as summer staff and now oversees the critical execution of the many types of fun, creative and spiritual program elements that makes camp great. His excellent work ethic and his great sense if humor are keys components to his role at Look Up Lodge.

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Lynn Pearman

Director of Housekeeping

With almost 20 years on staff, Lynn has nearly perfected the art of housekeeping. One of Look Up Lodge’s highest priorities is that rooms are clean and comfortable, and Lynn works exceptionally hard to maintain this high standard. Lynn manages a small crew that together keep camp looking and feeling fresh.


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Mark King

External CFO

As Chairman of the Board on the Greer Chamber of Commerce, Mark is the perfect person to help Look Up Lodge stay on track financially. Mark was on summer staff back in the day and the same stewardship he displayed back then still holds true today. We are thankful for Mark and his wife Laurie, and all the great work they do on staff. 

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Harry Stevenson

Leader Care Coordinator 

Harry seeks to cultivate meaningful relationships with the church leaders who bring student groups to summer camp. He keeps in touch with these leaders throughout the year and encourages them to take advantage of the many opportunities Look Up Lodge offers them—including special leader retreats and training sessions. By investing in the lives of church leaders, Harry’s hope is to encourage and equip them to be more faithful followers of Christ, and therefore more effective ministers in their students' lives.

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Ryan Gillespie

New Group Coordinator


As the New Group Coordinator, Ryan is responsible for reaching out and connecting with all our new guests. If you have ever met Ryan you already know that he is one of the most kind and outgoing people around. Ryan is full of helpful information and fun facts. With a background in managing campaigns, Ryan is the perfect person to get you connected with camp.

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Kathy Kickasola

Reservations Coordinator

If you have ever called Look Up Lodge or received important forms and other official material, you’ve experienced the incredible work of Kathy. Kathy is instrumental in guiding our guests through the process of coming to our camp and letting us serve them.


Charity Blackwell small

Charity Blackwell

Administrative Assistant

Sweet, compassionate, and detailed is at the heart of every administrative task Charity is assigned. She has been on staff at Look Up Lodge for many years, mostly serving as a mentor to our female summer staffers. When she is not spending time with the summer staffers, you can find Charity scheduling, emailing, and being one of the lead contributors on the program team, along with hosting our Broken Mirror conference. Charity is married to Program Director, David, and together they have three children.


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Jesse Gaunt

Construction Facilitator 

Jesse gets things done. Period. Jesse has great skill in working with his hands as well as his mind. He is often found in a cloud of sawdust while listening to an audiobook. There have been many days that someone has inquired about a recent project only to hear Jesse's voice say, "Oh that? I finished that 3 days ago."


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Debra Pruitt

Kitchen Manager 

Debra is our kitchen manager and she does exactly that. Debra, along with her amazing kitchen staff, serve approximately 95,000 plates of food a year! Debra has worked at Look Up Lodge for nearly twenty years, and her keys to success are hard work, attention to details, and a whole lot of sweetness.


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Kitchen Staff


These fine people are the ones that help prepare your meals and serve it to you with a wink and a smile. Their efforts are most appreciated and are experienced three times a day, all summer long—not to mention throughout the rest of the year when Look Up Lodge hosts thousands more guests from all over.