Mar 13 Tips for Creating a Group Rec Game

-Andrew Cronic, Program Coordinator

I hate sitting still. I have to do something active in a day or I feel completely worthless. My wife usually ridicules that I’m like a golden retriever stuck in a kennel when I end up stuck inside for a day.

Because of that, one of my favorite parts of my job is creating and playing the group rec games! Here are 3 quick tips I follow when trying to create a game that your students will love. These probably apply to any games you can try at youth group or a lock-in as well!

1) Make sure that there’s something for everyone to do: I was always an athlete, so I loved running/jumping/etc. Your kid who loves drawing or graphic design and hates outside, may not want to join in on running/jumping/etc. If they don’t think they’ll be physically able to accomplish the task, they won’t participate. So make sure there are positions that are lighter on athleticism requirements so everyone in the group can participate and succeed.

2) Create something that they won’t have the opportunity to do every day: The game should be something that seems adventurous to the students. If they can pull off the same thing in their back yard on a given Saturday, they’ll be a lot less likely to play. So instead of a corn hole tournament every week, find a way to make “ultimate corn hole” where you shoot the bean bags out of water ballon launchers.

3) The simpler the better: No one wants to play a game that takes longer to explain than to actually play. Make sure the game is fun with a few twists and turns, but if only 10 kids out of 50 know how to play, then it’s a surefire bust! My advice: if there’s more than 3 major rules to follow, then scale it back down to make it simpler. You don’t want it to be so easy that it’s not fun, but err on the side of easy to understand rather than overly complicated.

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys have many fun filled days ahead with your students!