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Feb 22 Look Up shirt: Eleuthera, Bahamas



Hannah Wickline is on staff with us at Look Up Lodge as Guest Group Coordinator. She gave us a brief description of her most recent big adventure:

Last week I had the opportunity to join a team on a trip to the beautiful island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. The trip was the Culturally Engaged Training Camp led by Grace Church of Greenville, SC. I went into the trip not knowing a soul on the team and came out with many new experiences and relationships that I am sure will shape the years of my life to come. We were able to assist and support the Doster family who have recently followed the Lord to serve the local church on the island. While there we helped the Dosters get their new home ready; worshipped with a local church; took a bus load of beautiful children to the beach; participated in a Young Life after school program; worshipped and studied together; soaked in the beyond fascinating landscape; and overwhelmingly enjoyed the time with new friends and learning about God and His work. It was a truly wonderful experience. And, of course, I made sure to bring my Look Up shirt along for a photo op!

Where has YOUR Look Up Lodge shirt traveled?

Do you have photographs that tell a story? Have you worn your Look Up Lodge shirt while traveling and come into  contact with someone who recognized LUL and thus creating an instant  connection?

We would love to hear about it!

Please submit your photos to


Feb 5 Tidbit Tuesday

Hello everyone, and welcome, welcome to another edition of “Tidbit Tuesday.” Todays reminder is Feb. 15-17 we will be hosting our Love Sex and Dating Conference. We will dive into this topic in typical Look Up style with humor, clarity, and passion.

We also want to let you know we have a unique Churchonomics Conference coming up soon.

The Churchonomics Conference will be very different this Spring. We are bringing in a leader from Goodseed Ministries to partner with us for a special Churchonomics Conference. You may ask, “What is Goodseed Ministries?”. Goodseed is a group of believers that put out some wonderful resources we believe are very effective. If you have been to our Camp Store you have seen Goodseed products. If you have had a conversation with Greg Boone about ministry you have most likely been reccomended a Goodseed product to be a tool. Goodseed authors books and tools such as And Beginning With Moses, The Stranger on The Road to Emmaus, The Lamb, All the Prophets Have Spoken, and many more.

We plan to have the Churchonomics Conference be a 1 night retreat. (Friday to a Saturday evening) On Friday Greg Boone will lead a session to set the foundation and direction for the weekend. Saturday we will have Goodseed present their Discipleship and Evangelism Workshop. This workshop is for you whether you are just learning about Goodseed strategies or have been challenged and encouraged through the years with their material. The Discipleship and Evangelism Workshop is a practical approach to communicating the Gospel in an effective and productive manner.This Workshop will be hands on with time dedicated to the logistical and practical steps a ministry leader or lay person can take to engage the people around them with the Gospel.

If you have been exposed to Goodseed products and struggled to put them into practical use or have just needed a jumpstart to get going this will be the perfect weekend to attend. If you have never been exposed to these ideas but the thought of effectively sharing the Gospel story is compelling to you, this weekend will be a great fit for you as well.

Rate: 49.00 per person

Upcoming Dates:
March 22-23 2013

Jan 22 Tidbit Tuesday

Welcome to another edition of Tidbit Tuesday!! Today is a special Tuesday because Look Up Lodge is on the move! We are going to be at Anderson University tonight at 9 pm. We will be hanging out with some former Summer Staff and meeting some new potential Summer Staff. We will be hanging out in the lobby of Whitaker Hall formerly Boulevard Suites. We will have coffee and snacks! If you or someone you know is thinking about summer plans, and are within an evenings drive of Anderson University, we would love for you to stop by, grab a snack or some coffee on us, and have a conversation about serving on Summer Staff at Look Up Lodge. We will be talking through a general outline of the summer, specific tasks of a Summer Staffer, and answering whatever questions may come up. We would love to see you there and bring a friend.

Jan 9 Tidbit Tuesday

This Tidbit Tuesday is to remind you all that summer staff applications are due ASAP. If you or someone you know is interested, download an application packet from our website, fill it out, and send it back as soon as you can. We have already begun scheduling and filling our interview days. Have a great Tuesday!

Dec 19 Tidbit Tuesday

We are winding things down for the season. With Christmas swiftly approaching last night we celebrated with our Look Up Family by having a Christmas party. Every year our staff Christmas party is themed. This year we all entered a “Gingerbread Wonderland”. We were all surprised and excited as we entered the front dining hall to see that it had completely transformed. Thanks to the hard work of a couple elves named Sarah and Jane the party was amazing and we all got to relax and enjoy the surprise. We had dinner, coffee, hot chocolate, a gift exchange game, a gingerbread house building competition, and even a talk from Greg. To say the night was joyful and celebratory is an understatement.

Moving closer to January we would like to remind you all that we have two conferences in January. Please check our website for specifics. Also, if you are interested in the Worldview Rethink Conference that we are potentially doing in late winter/early spring please send us an email (, a facebook message, a twitter message, or a message/comment on our blog. We would love this event to have a great turnout. It will truly be an equipping and challenging time. Thanks for stopping by!

Take a look at some of the creativity from our event last night!


Dec 12 Tidbit Tuesday

Coming in with a late post, our apologies. On a much more exciting note, we have some tentative plans for late winter, early spring.

Many of you all have heard us reference many resources by Goodseed. The Lamb, The Stranger, and By This Name are a few resources by Goodseed that can be found in our camp store. We have and continue to strongly recommend these books as guides and tools for sharing the Gospel. The company that produces theses amazing resources is looking for different locations to hold one day training events. The title is of this event is Worldview Rethink Workshop, in which some leaders from Goodseed would walk step by step through the concepts and practicalities of using their books. You can learn more about Goodseed and the Worldview Rethink Workshop at their website. This would be a hands on and very practical learning opportunity.

Many of you have expressed and interest in this type of learning opportunity. We want to bring in Goodseed and have them teach their workshop on a Saturday. Our idea is to have a one night retreat (Fri-Sat) for a very reduced rate for our group leaders. We are thinking that the cost would be fifty dollars or less. This would include four meals and Look Up accommodations.

We are curious what the level of interest is as we continue with plans for this conference. Please respond with a comment, a Facebook message/post, a twitter message, or an email to if you would be interested in participating. This would be helpful as we continue to plan. Also, just a reminder that we have two conferences for teens in January 2013. Check our website under the Look Up Conferences section for more details.

Dec 4 Tidbit Tuesdays

This weekend has come and gone, and we had a blast. On camp this past weekend we had a Creation Vs. Evolution retreat for Children, that was really fun to be a part of. It’s such a neat opportunity to engage with younger children on this topic, a topic that we think is HUGE when it comes to young people ascribing validity to scripture as they move into their teenage years and are challenged on this idea. We also had a freshman leadership council from Clemson University on camp, being led by our very own summer staffer Ryan Gillespie.

This week on camp we are working through some plans for the late winter/early spring concerning some team building initiatives, as well as working through upcoming retreat schedules and content. This Friday night Look Up Lodge will be hosting a dinner and meeting for our Board of Trustees. We are very thankful for these men and women who oversee the ministry here.

We have also had quite a few conversations concerning summer staff 2013 !!  We know this is exciting to you all, and we would like to remind everyone that if you know a young person who has completed one year of college (or more) or has significant comparable work experience out of the home, who is passionate about their faith and this generation of young people, then get them an application for a summer staff position. Applications can be found under the downloads portion of our website. We have already begun booking our interview days for Spring 2013. Thanks for coming by to check in with us here at the blog, and we hope to see you soon.

Nov 27 The First of Many: Tidbit Tuesdays

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!!! We hope you all had a great time with family and friends. As a seasonal gift to you and yours, we are beginning a weekly post entitled Tidbit Tuesdays, in which we hope to give you a little glimpse of the goings-on here at Look Up Lodge. We hope you find this little snippet both informative and entertaining. We reserve the right to use text, video, and pictures to communicate behind the scenes things to all of you. So let us jump right in…..

Good Tuesday to you,

We hope you are enjoying the second day of your work week and we hope this little update finds you doing oh so well. This week around Look Up our construction guys are building another awesome Carpet Ball table. If you have never played Carpet Ball, or have never even heard of it, then look it up and next time you are here at camp swing by The Barn (AKA the ball courts) and give it a go. Carpet Ball has become  a staff favorite. Matt Ambrose and the Natural Resource guys are working on a few winter projects to have everything fresh and green for the spring. On Team Program, we are preparing for the arrival of campers for our Creation vs. Evolution retreat for kids that is coming up this weekend.  We will keep you up to date on the goings-on of that through twitter over the weekend. In other Program news, In January we have two conferences: Creation vs. Evolution for teens and Love Sex and Dating 2.0. Creation Evolution will be the 11th through the 13th, and LSD 2.0 will be the 18th through the 20th.  We’d love to see you at any or all of these upcoming conferences!

Now you are up to date as to some of the goings-on here at Look Up Lodge. Now that you have our tidbits, we hope you enjoy your Tuesday!

Oct 10 Look Up Shirt in Israel

Hannah Wickline is on staff with us at Look Up Lodge. Her position as Guest Group Coordinator is imperative to our success here. If you have visited us, then chances are you interacted with Hannah to plan out your arrival, activities, and A/V requests. Hannah gave us a brief description of her most recent big adventure:

In April I had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Israel. It was a trip I will never forget. It changed my level of understanding and comprehension of the Bible and how God’s story all works together. If you ever have the opportunity to tour or study in the Holy Land, DO IT! And if you do, make sure you carry your Look Up shirt with you for prime photo opps like riding camels and hanging out in the Judean Wilderness.-Hannah

Oct 5 Broken Mirror Conference

Last spring we hosted our first Broken Mirror Conference. We intentionally kept it quiet and small just to work through the details the first time. Now we are very excited to open this conference for young women up for everyone to check out.

The dates are October 19-21 and March 22-24. The rate is 119.00 per person. Call us at 864-836-6392 or email for more details.