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Jan 23 Summer Camp Staff Stories – Danielle Koon

Summer Camp Staffers at Look Up Lodge Christian Camp and Retreat Center getting ready for campers to arrive

Summer Staffers Danielle Koon and Dreama Brock getting ready for campers to arrive during summer 2013

Not Your Normal Summer Job…

Hello again!

If you haven’t heard, we are currently accepting applications for our 2014 Summer Camp Staff. It is an incredible opportunity that has changed many lives, both of the staffers themselves and the thousands campers on whom they make an impact. The application deadline is quickly approaching (January 31st!), so if you or someone you know wants apply, head on over to the Summer Staff page and download an application ASAP!

In the meantime, read what Danielle Koon said about what her first summer on staff at Look Up Lodge was like: Read More

Jan 16 Summer Camp Staff Stories – Ward Yount

Not Your Normal Summer Job…

Summer Camp Counselors

2013 Look Up Lodge Summer Camp Staffers

Hello lovely people,

We’ve been hearing from former Summer Staffers about what it’s like to spend 4 months of a year pouring yourself out for the sake of the gospel at Look Up Lodge Summer Camp. If you’d like to hear from ChristaBeth, Will, Eleni, or Andrew, just click their name. If you’re ready to hear what three-time Summer Staffer Ward Yount has to say, here it is: Read More

Jan 9 Summer Camp Staff Stories – Andrew Sims

Look Up Lodge Summer Camp Staff Fun Summer Job

2013 Look Up Lodge Summer Camp Staffers on stage looking as professional as possible.

Not Your Normal Summer Job…

Hey there folks!

This week we are back with more stories from Look Up Lodge Summer Staffers. If you are unfamiliar, the Summer Staffers are the front lines of our summer camp program. They work incredibly hard every day to make sure that the thousands of students and leaders from youth groups around the country have the opportunity to experience the love of Christ in a real and meaningful way. Read More

Dec 19 Summer Camp Staff Stories – Eleni Efaw

Summer Camp Staff

Look Up Lodge Summer Staffers getting ready to welcome a new group of campers in 2013

Not Your Normal Summer Job…

Merry Week-Before Christmas!

With this little series, we’ve been sharing little snippets of what it is like to work a Summer Camp job at Look Up Lodge. So far, we’ve heard from former Summer Staffers Christabeth Vaughn and Will Hancock. If you missed either one of their entries, click their names above to catch up.

After hearing what they had to say, you can probably already tell that serving as a Look Up Lodge Summer Staffer is an incredibly meaningful and lasting experience. It really isn’t like any other summer job out there. So much is asked of these young men and women and God is so faithful in doing amazing work through them each and every year.

We see the multiplying fruit of this work as God uses the Staffers to make an impact on students at Summer Camp, who then develop a passion to give away what they have received. In lots of cases, that means that those same students are inspired to become Summer Staffers that will then go on to have an impact on thousands more students in the years to come.

For years before becoming part of our 2013 Summer Staff, Eleni Efaw was a summer camper at Look Up Lodge. Last year, Eleni joined the team and did an incredible job leading groups of children and teenagers into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Read More

Dec 17 Summer Camp Staff Stories – Will Hancock

Summer Camp Counselors

Look Up Lodge Summer Camp Staffers 2013

Not Your Normal Summer Job…

Hello there,

As we mentioned last week, we are currently taking applications for our 2014 Summer Camp Staff. We are incredi-mazing-fully excited about this because we get to watch God, in His perfect provision and wisdom, assemble the team that He will use to impact the lives of thousands of students here at Look Up Lodge in 2014 and beyond!

I feel like I need to take a break after that last sentence…It was quite a mouthful and I invented a new word.

Ok. We’re back.

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Dec 4 Summer Camp Staff Stories – ChristaBeth Vaughn

Summer Camp Counselors

2013 Look Up Lodge Summer Camp Staffers

Not Your Normal Summer Job…

Hey Folks,

As some of you may know, here at Look Up Lodge, we are beginning to build the 2014 Summer Staff team. That’s a big deal for us because the Summer Staffers are such a huge part of what we do. As the front line of our summer program, twenty-four college-age students give up their summers to live out and teach the Gospel to the thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students that come through Look Up.

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