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Jun 6 The Rundown

One whole week of Summer 2015 is already in the history books. As we prepare to transition to teen camp, lets take a look at some Look Up Lodge stats thus far:

So far at camp there has been…

126 water slide runs

98 swing rides

75 pepsi slushes consumed

4 gallons of coffee brewed

3 weeks since the summer staff arrived

2 kid camps

1 spot reserved for you!

#cantwaitforlookup #50yearsoflookup #lookuplodge2015




May 4 Another Package Arrives

Last Friday Look Up Lodge received another anonymous package with a video inside. Apparently this guy didn’t appreciate the first package we received. Summer 2015 here we go!

Take a look.





Apr 28 Slopstacle Course 2015


This brave little flower decided to pop up in the middle of the Slopstacle Course – will it survive the summer slop?

The Slopstacle Course has become a staple event of Teen Summer Camp and custom retreats. This year, in honor of our 50th summer, we are combining all the favorite aspects of a sloppy-muddy-brainteasing-obstacle course to create an epic relay for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you enjoy the mud or prefer the dry land, everyone is sure to play an epic part in this year’s iconic mud day. So make sure you pack some old shoes, swimmies, and your thinking caps because this summer is going to be great!

32 days away. #cantwaitforlookup #50yrsoflookup #lookuplodge2015

 Check out the Slopstacle course from pervious summers


Apr 21 Weekend, April 17-19, 2015



Packed is a great word to describe this past weekend. Grace Church from Greenville, South Carolina, had a fantastic weekend on their annual “Fusion” retreat.

Also here this weekend for a student retreat was Covenant United Methodist Church from Greer, South Carolina.

Both groups had a great time taking full advantage of our custom retreat options. However, in less than forty days Look Up Lodge transitions to begin its historic 50th summer.





Apr 8 Joining the Conversation




Part of being a big family… is using a little verb…sharing.

Maybe you have memories from many years ago or maybe you can’t wait for summer camp. Maybe you’ve attended one of Look Up Lodge’s conferences or have planned a custom retreat. No matter your connection with camp, you’re family, and we want to hear your voice.

We encourage everyone to join the conversation by using any of the three hashtags above. As we inch closer to the starting line of Look Up Lodge’s 50th summer, we ask you join the excitement and share the fun!

(in case you missed it – checkout this summer 2015 sneak peek)


Mar 26 Should We Open the Package???


Things around camp have been pretty normal lately — almost too normal. That all changed yesterday when Look Up Lodge received this anonymous package in the mail. With no return address, we’ve been trying to figure this thing out ever since.

As you all know, this is Look Up Lodge’s 50th summer — does this have something to do with that? We’ve also compiled a list of names of people we know with the initials “EH”, and still we are no closer to figuring this package out. What’s inside the package? Who is “EH”? But perhaps the most important question is — should we open the package now???

Let us know what you think we should do via:

Facebook , Instagram @lookuplodgesc , or  Twitter @lookuplodge

#50yrsoflookup #cantwaitforlookup #lookuplodge2015

Mar 23 Weekend, March 20-22, 2015


This past week was quite the weekend at Look Up Lodge. We had several groups on camp taking advantage of our custom retreat options. Pictured above is Denver UMC enjoying a restful afternoon on their custom “Know and be Known” retreat.

Also pictured above is our annual Love, Sex, and Marriage Conference (LSM). This conference is hosted by Look Up Lodge with the intent of integrating God’s Word and proven marital/relational techniques into your marriage. Upcoming marriage conferences include:

LSM October 9-11, 2015

LSM 2.0 March 18-20, 2016 (LSM 2.0 is reserved for those who have already experienced LSM)

You can sign up today by calling Look Up Lodge at (864) 836.6392. 

As the weekends pass by at Look Up Lodge, that can only mean one thing; Summer is almost here. Not just any summer, but Look Up Lodge’s 50th summer. This summer is sure to be the most deep, most fun, most camptastic of them all. The first summer sneak peek coming later this week. 

#50yrsoflookup #cantwaitforlookup #lookuplodge2015 @lookuplodgesc

May 17 Summer Staff Arrival

Howdy folks,

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here. That’s because we’ve been busy. Very, very busy.

As I type this, I’m sitting in the room with the 2014 Look Up Lodge Summer Staff as we work through and explain the mission and vision of Look Up. It’s pretty crazy. It’s crazy, because we’ve been busy.

Let me explain.

Look Up Lodge Summer Camp Staff preparing

Proof that this is real time!

For months, the year-round staff of Look Up Lodge spends hours and hours and hours, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, working hard, praying, running into roadblocks, having breakthroughs, coming up with new ideas, returning to old ones, arguing with each other, supporting each other, and desperately trying to discern God’s will for the summer program so that His name will be made famous and His truth will be known.. We are very busy preparing, preparing, preparing. And then…

Then, twenty-four Summer Staffers arrive and we spend two weeks handing it all over to them.

They are the front lines of everything we do during the summer. They are carefully selected and hired with intense purpose, so that we can train them and entrust them with a ton of responsibility and and a monumental task.

We trust that they will spend their summer under the guidance of the Holy Spirit working really, really hard, praying, running into roadblocks, having breakthroughs, coming up with new ideas, returning to old ones, arguing with each other, supporting each other, and desperately trying to discern God’s will for the summer program so that His name will be made famous and His truth will be known.

It’s a crazy time. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Nathan Heffington
Creative/Ministry Development Coordinator

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