Dec 12From Greg: The Fall, Josh McDowell, and Water Leaks

We’ll get back to hearing from former Summer Staffers next with some words from Will Hancock. This week, a word from our Executive Director and Chapel Teacher, Greg Boone:

We live in a fallen world. We are either coming out of problems or heading into them.

Harry, Caleb, and I just got back from a great meeting with Josh McDowell in Dallas, Texas. What a great time of challenge and encouragement.

Josh McDowell Scripture Fragments

Caleb Boone and Josh McDowell examine some ancient scripture fragments…not a bad day for Caleb.

During the trip, we got to see, first hand, how beautifully God has preserved his word throughout the ages. God is showing us, with a virtual tsunami of new evidence, that we can have complete confidence that the Bible we have today represents the very words of God.

After this amazing time what do I return to?

Water problems.

Look Up Lodge Lake Damaged Standpipe Summer Camp

Our poor, damaged lake standpipe. It’s what’s responsible for keeping the right amount of water in the lake.

First, the repair we made to our lake standpipe failed and the water level has dropped about 3 feet… and is continuing to fall.

Christian Summer Camp Paddle Boats in the Lake

Those paddle boats are usually floating…

Then, we sprouted a leak around the lodge chimney (also recently repaired ) that has come all the way through the roof, down into the fireplace, through the dining hall floor, and into the lobby ceiling below.

Look Up Lodge Lobby Leak

Our new stylish, but not very effective, skylight that the leak forcefully installed in the lobby ceiling.

Losing water where I want it and gaining it where I don’t.

Welcome to life this side of Eden.

Greg Boone
Executive Director, Look Up Lodge