Oct 8Volunteers are Awesome

Occasionally Look Up Lodge is blessed to have volunteer groups come and serve around camp. These groups give up a lot of time and effort helping us to make camp the best it can possibly be. Pictured below is a group of men from Vincent, Ohio. Yes, that’s correct, Ohio! The men of Lighthouse Baptist Church first heard of Look Up Lodge when their students joined us for summer camp. Since then, we have been coordinating with the men of Lighthouse to establish a week long building project. It just so happened that the next thing on our to-do list was to update some of the staff houses here on camp. Pictured below is the new deck being installed. Not only did the group install a front deck, they also cut more firewood than we thought was humanly possible! Though the entire group is not pictured below, we thank you all. Stay tuned for a complete look at the new deck very soon.

Interested in volunteering at Look Up Lodge? We would love to have you!