Sep 14Vox Bivium – Gap Year School

Lookup Lodge  11/6/05   Owen Riley Photo  Gibbons Peck client  second shoot

Look Up Lodge could not be happier about our partnership with the new gap year school, Vox Bivium. Look Up and Vox have been pooling resources and knowledge for over a year now to create an unforgettable opportunity. Our hope is that Vox Bivium will be another tool that allows people to grow deeper, and to become the Godly leaders that we are all called to be.

Vox Bivium is a nine-month, gap-year school, located at Look Up Lodge, for high-school graduates and college-age young adults who accept the quest to gain clarity and understanding of who they truly are, and what God has called them to do. The program provides guidance for those who seek to find where their “deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet,” where they learn what they most need to do, and what the world needs most to have done. This junction, this crossroads is where Christ calls us. “The voice at the crossroads” is Vox Bivium.

Did you know 8 of the 14 students this year were former campers? For all Vox Bivium info check out