Nov 4We Love Sports

-Program Coordinator, Andrew Cronic

“Life’s about people, not rings. Rings collect dust.” – former UGA Head Coach Mark Richt

I love sports. A lot. I’ve heard a lot of people tell me that my love for sports was detrimental to myself, the people around me, and even my faith over the years. At certain times in life, they were absolutely right. Braves baseball combined with playing baseball and talking to coaches and family members about baseball… I never would have come out and admitted it, but how I spent my time told the story for me: I could’t have cared less about my faith and the people around me. Just give me sports.

Thankfully, the Lord has redeemed me and taught me something invaluable about my love for sports: keep your time in perspective. If all we ever do in life is watch sports, the people who value our time are going to suffer. I have no idea how much time you should be “allowed” to watch sports. I honestly think it’s circumstantial: some days you have things you should do instead of sports, and some days you don’t. With that being said, a simple goal is to make sure I’ve spent time with the Lord, with someone I love (phone call or face to face), and to do something for my health (exercise, cook a healthy dinner) to make sure I haven’t wasted Saturday in front of the TV. If I do those things, I know I haven’t sacrificed my well being (in any manner) to watch sports.

I can’t just worry about my well being with sports, but also the people around me. The quickest way I can show my wife I don’t care about her at all: she gets home from work and wants to talk, all I do is watch sports on TV. Turn the game off, show your wife you care about her. It’ll take a max of 20 minutes to talk with her most days, and then you can turn your game back on. If you missed the home run or the touchdown: there’s 6 major networks I can name off the top of my head and probably 1,000 different apps you can get on your phone that will show you the highlights. In 10 years, I’m not going to remember or care if Texas A&M beat Tennessee. I am going to remember and care if my wife feels loved and cared for in our marriage. Spend your time on what matters. People (and not just your spouse) matter a lot more in the Kingdom than sports.

My one rule is this: never pursue my love of sports at the expense of other people. My wife, my family, and my friends are a lot more important to me, and they’re certainly more important to My Father in Heaven. You can even use sports for the Kingdom. People love to hang out together: if there’s buffalo chicken dip, people relax and build friendships no matter if you care who’s playing. You can even invite your neighbor who you aren’t sure knows the Lord to watch the game with you. You never know when and how the Lord will move.

Your time is crucial, but you can find ways to spend it on who matters most and sports.

Just remember:

Life’s about people, not rings. Rings collect dust.

None of us are playing for championships, but we can still waste all our time, energy, and resources (how much of your budget is spent on tailgates and tickets?) on sports if we aren’t careful.

Life’s about people, not sports. Sports are forgotten.