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Life at Look Up

There's plenty to do at Look Up Lodge Christian camp, conference or retreat! Here are some of the things you'll find happening around here.



We start with “worship in the raw”—songs with simple instrumentation and meaningful lyrics that help you focus on who God really is. Then we plunge into memorable, Scripture-based teaching that’s God-centered and relevant to real life.
swing at Look Up Lodge Christian camp

Giant Swing

Harness into our giant swing perched 75 feet above the lake. When you finally get the courage to pull the cord, you and your friends will be launched into a thrilling free-fall that will take your breath away. You don’t get wet on the giant swing, so it’s open year-round.
Mud course at Look Up Lodge Christian camp

Slopstacle Course

Teens and adults can race through our challenging and very muddy obstacle course. The team-building and hilariously muddy mess that follows is often one of the most memorable parts of camp!



Double Zip Line

Fly down our 250-foot zip line and finish with a refreshing splash into the lake. There are two lines side-by-side, so grab a friend to go with you!
trail at Look Up Lodge Christian camp

Walking Trail

Our beautiful 1.25-mile walking trail winds around the lake and features a waterfall. Take a chance to enjoy the beauty of Creation or have a good conversation with a friend.

Team Building Initiatives

Challenge your strength, build trust within your group and learn to work as a team with our challenging Team Building Initiatives! Whether led by our staff or your own group, everyone is bound to grow through these fun activities.
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Climbing Wall

Test your strength and agility on our 35-foot climbing wall.
(Participants must be at least 45 inches tall and weigh 215 pounds or less.)


Stalk the opposing team through a landscape that includes ditches, barriers, hillsides, a creek, and the smoke of a fog machine. Prepare for victory in an exciting game of capture-the-flag-style paintball.
(Available for campers 12 and over; $10 additional cost. All equipment provided.)

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Bring your own fishing pole and bait and enjoy our well-stocked Lake Chinquapin!
(Catch and release; for safety purposes, please do not fish from the docks)



Water slide

Our 60-foot water slide is cut into the bank and ends with a splash into Lake Chinquapin. Seriously, you’ve got to try this.

Other Waterfront Activities

Kayaks, paddle boats and, of course, swimming—there’s lots to do around the beautiful Lake Chinquapin! 

Sports facilities

We’ve got pickleball courts, soccer arena, sand volleyball, two recreational fields, Ping-Pong tables, and covered basketball courts—take your pick and get your game on! 
friends at Look Up Lodge Christian camp

Other games

Ever play GaGa Ball or Carpet Ball? How about “9 Square in the Air”? Grab a few friends and try some of our lesser-known (but addictively fun) games.

Swimming, zip line, and water slide are open April 25 through the weekend before Thanksgiving. Slopstacle Course is available during warm weather only. Activities are subject to close due to inclement weather.