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About Look Up Lodge

What kind of camp is Look Up Lodge?

Look Up Lodge is a non-denominational, CCCA-affiliated Christian camp and retreat center that functions as a non-profit and has a passion to see Christians deepen their faith and make a difference in the lives around them.

Why do you do what you do?

Through our popular Christian summer camps, year-round conferences, and custom retreats, we want to help people gain a clear, biblical perspective on real-life issues. More importantly, we want Christians to see Christ and understand the tremendous gift He offers through the Gospel.

Our ultimate mission is to change the landscape of the American church by infusing it with leaders with a clear, correct and communicable faith. Visit Our Vision page to learn more about this big picture.

Where is Look Up Lodge?

Look Up Lodge’s 230-acre Christian camp is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just a few minutes south of the North and South Carolina border in Greenville County. We are 25-30 minutes north of Greenville, SC and 45 minutes south of Asheville, NC.

Who owns Look Up Lodge?

Look Up Lodge is an independent non-profit that is not owned or affiliated by any individual group.

When did Look Up Lodge’s ministry begin?

April 3, 1965 by Max and Vivian Rice. You can learn more on our Look Up History page.

About our staff

How many full time staff does Look Up Lodge currently employ?

At present, there are 14 full time employees here at this campus. Learn more about who they are on our staff page.

How many seasonal staffers do you usually hire? Do many staffers return?

We usually hire 24 or 25 staffers for summer camp. Our return rate is usually 8-12 staffers each year.

How old do you have to be to apply for summer camp staff?

You must be at least 18 years of age and have completed one year of college or one year of significant work experience. You can learn more and download an application on our summer staff page.

Do you have junior counselor positions?

We have wrangler positions during the school year. You must be at least 16 to apply and be committed to working weekends almost exclusively.

Can I bring the kitchen ladies home with me to cook at my house or church?

Well, we do have an outstanding Kitchen staff. The ladies put their heart for this ministry into every meal they plan and cook. As much as we would love to share, we’re going to have to say no—Look Up Lodge couldn’t survive without them!

Camp information

Is Look Up Lodge open year-round? All 12 months?

Typically, we close down during December due to the cold weather and a desire to make sure our staff is adequately rested. That being said, we are open to occasionally having groups during that time, so feel free to ask!

Do you have kids' camps or teen camps?

During the summer, we do both. Children’s camps are for grades 3-6, and Teen camps are for grades 7-12. Check out our Dates & Rates page to find out which weeks each are held.

Are there any camps in the fall, winter or spring?

Look Up Lodge is open year round, and not only do we provide conferences/retreats on particular topics, we also allow schools, churches and other groups to create their own customized camps. Whether you're a youth leader looking to get your youth group away from the norm, an adult group needing some time for married couples to just be away, or anything else, we'd be happy to work alongside you. See our Custom Retreat page for more information.

What do we need to bring for our retreat at Look Up Lodge?

Glad you asked! You’ll find the answer to that on our What to Bring page.

Do we have to bring chaperones with our group? What is the ratio for leader to student?

Look Up Lodge requires groups to provide their own chaperones, with a 1 to 8 leader to student ratio. While our counselors are awesome and godly people and love your kids, we think it’s really important that your group’s youth get to know and trust you better during the week of camp. See our church leaders section to learn more about our thinking behind this.


How much is a stay at Look Up Lodge? What does that include?

Our 5-night summer camp sessions are $329 per person, and our 3-night summer camps are $229 per person. Most of our retreats are $119 per person (though we are willing to work with you in this). That cost includes up to 3 meals a day, recreation facilities (excluding paintball which is extra $10 per game fee), and if requested, a meeting room. For custom retreats, our staff will work with you to build a retreat schedule and find out other needs you may have prior to you arriving at camp. Our per-night rate is typically $69.

Is there a minimum number of people that can stay as a “group”? Can I just come rent a room?

We do not have a hotel license, so we can’t just rent rooms to people traveling through. But if only one person comes under the umbrella of a church or group, then we will accommodate them. We also have a provision for people in the ministry. If they come for sabbatical-type stay, we only ask for a donation to cover expenses.

Can Look Up Lodge be used as a conference center for businesses? What about family reunions?

We can be used as a conference center for businesses, teaching associations, public schools, etc. We do require them to sign a statement of faith, which is sent in their reservation packet.

How long in advance does a group need to book a retreat?

We recommend they book at least 3 months in advance for school year retreats, and 8 months in advance for summer. Space is on first-come, first-served basis, so we will book a year or more in advance.

Do you have private rooms?

Our rooms are bunk-style and house 4-16 people. If a private room is needed (for a speaker, for example), it can be provided if available.

While you’re here

What activities are available at Look Up Lodge?

During the school season, your group can use the ball courts, fields, bouldering wall, paintball, boats and the giant swing. All our activities (except the ball courts / fields) will be ran by our trained staff to ensure that you will have as much fun as possible while staying safe. No matter the weather we will continue to run all scheduled activities for you unless it is either thundering or conditions have gotten to an unsafe point.

Our lake and waterfront activities (zipline / slide / swimming) are typically open from April 15th until the weekend before Thanksgiving.

See our Life at Look Up page for more information of the all fun things at Look Up Lodge.

Who came up with the idea for the big swing? Who made it?

We saw the Giant Swing concept at a Young Life camp, but theirs was only a two-seater. We had the first three-seater of this model built by Signature Research

Can I bring my own paintball gun?

We understand that diehard paintball players would love to use their own gun that they are accustomed to using; however, in order to keep the game fair, we require all participants to use our guns.

If we wanted to bring a grill and grill out for our group, could we?


Does the Canteen take checks? Credit cards?

Yes, the Canteen (Look Up Lodge's refreshment and gift shop) takes cash, checks, and credit cards.  

If someone in my group has an injury, where do we go? Who will take care of them?

We have a first-aid clinic located in the rear of the main office. The person working in the front office will assist you. If no one is there, contact our staff via the Guest Service number that will be provided.

Please note that none of our staff are trained nurses / doctors so while we will be as helpful as possible, we cannot give out medical advice.


Can I donate to Look Up Lodge online?

YES, and please do so! Visit our Partner With Us page to find out how you can give toward specific projects or support Look Up Lodge’s general expenses.

Do you have any fundraisers for youth groups to raise money for camp?

Yes, we currently have a Volunteerathon program, which allows groups to raise money for Look Up Lodge and to come to camp here. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more.