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Our Campuses

In addition to our home campus, we have several other beautiful properties designed to help fulfill whatever your need may be! Feel free to click on any of our other campuses' picture to get more information. If you'd like to learn more about our Look Up Ministries camps, click here!

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Awanita Valley

Feel the thrill of adventure and discover the Holy Spirit at Awanita Valley Christian Retreat Center. Awanita Valley offers exciting activities all year round that instill a sense of community and fun, while cultivating a lifelong fire to worship God, have fun, and kindle a sense of compassion and spirituality. We have something for both children and adults. 
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High Pastures

High Pastures is an ideal space for individuals or groups to experience rest and renewal. The 732-acre cove is the perfect setting for you or your group to enjoy peace and serenity in the mountains. This campus is designed to welcome individuals or groups of any size up to 160 people and its range of lodging options, meal service, and meeting space can be tailored to meet your needs.