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For Leaders

Christian camp staff can make a great impact on youth, but there’s someone with an even greater God-given responsibility to make a difference in their lives—you.

Whether you have an official church leadership role or God has just placed you in a position of influence among your church’s children and teens, you are called to guide, encourage and be an example.

At Look Up Lodge, we understand that the biblical model is for the church to build its members up. That’s why we structure our camp programs to help strengthen the bonds within church communities. As a church leader, you’ll experience Look Up Lodge alongside your campers—attending the same sessions, sharing meals and lodging, participating in games and activities, and even making unforgettable memories through our famous Slopsticle course. We want you to strengthen your relationships through shared experiences.

While our summer camp staff is always available to help and counsel, we give you the privilege of being the “counselor” in your cabin—because we believe it’s so important that your campers learn to trust you and come to you with their questions and struggles.

If you have any questions about how Look Up Lodge can further support your church community, please give us a call—the church is one of our favorite subjects, and we’d love to talk with you.