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Our passion goes beyond just running a great Christian camp and retreat center -- our God-sized vision is to see Look Up Lodge be a catalyst that helps revitalize the American church.

Our goal at Look Up Lodge is to use the Christian camp and retreat experience not only for the benefit of youth, but to fully engage and equip professional and lay church leaders. These leaders are the key to sparking genuine revivals in their local churches.


One of the major doctrines we emphasize here is the Totality of Grace. When church leaders really understand how their salvation is by grace and grace alone, they then take that biblical understanding of the Gospel back to their churches, where they can see genuine conversion and growth in their church.  A failure to understand salvation by grace means that many churches are full of false converts, which in turn is the number one reason for their ineffectiveness in their local communities.

We also want to help church leaders return to an understanding and practice of biblical principles: doing discipleship the way the Bible says to do discipleship; leading the way the Bible says to lead; being organized the way the Bible says the church should be organized; doing evangelism the way the Bible says to do evangelism.

Strengthening Relationships

There are many techniques we could use to transmit these revitalizing truths. We believe the camp and retreat model is by far the most effective because it allows people the two most important elements of change in a concentrated dose: relationships and time.

Leaders, children, youth and adults will have more concentrated time with each other in one weekend retreat or one week of camp than they will in the next six months to a year of regular church programming. The effects of this cannot be overestimated. When we speak of fully utilizing the Christian camp and retreat model, we mean giving church groups opportunities to build deep and meaningful relationships with each other in a very small amount of time.

Meaningful Growth

Our goal for every group who comes to a camp or retreat is genuine spiritual growth. Everything we do at Look Up Lodge—from the environment to the meals to the activities—is about maximizing a person's opportunities for spiritual growth while they are here. We often compare the Christian camp and retreat experience to the greenhouse effect. When you place a plant in a greenhouse—a controlled environment designed for growth—you often see exceptional growth in a short period of time. This is exactly what happens in a Christian camp or retreat setting.

While here, we want guests to grow deeper in their understanding of and walk with God. We want them to grow closer to each other as a church group. When these two things happen, they will grow wider in their influence when they return home, revitalizing their churches and increasing their effectiveness in expanding the Kingdom.