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Why Camping?

At Look Up Lodge, we have the tremendous privilege to watch people make huge steps toward spiritual growth each week. The smell of pine, the splash of the lake, conversations around the campfire—what is it about Christian camp that so often encourages spiritual growth?

Coming to camp is a break from the familiar patterns of the everyday. For nearly a week campers are fully engaged in a new, positive environment, away from normal distractions. They come expecting to try new experiences and are open to learning.

Here at camp, we take advantage of this openness through teaching that is dynamic and relevant to the issues participants face in the real world. We want to challenge campers and leaders to think biblically about everyday choices.

Camp gives kids, teens, and adults the opportunity to step back, think through the important issues, ask the hard questions, and take a fresh look on what their church is doing and why they’re doing it.

Exciting? We think so.